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Real estate developer facing fines for erosion

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2019 | Land Use And Zoning |

Boston area property developers understand that there are many different regulations that need to be followed when a development occurs. There are many local, state and federal regulations that come into play and when rules aren’t followed there can be problems. A developer with property in Uxbridge and Bellingham is facing thousands of dollars in EPA fines.

A real estate developer who has two developments in Uxbridge and Bellingham is facing fines from the EPA due to a lack of erosion control. The Bellingham housing development of 100 homes is on the shore of Silver Lake. Since the development, the lake, which was once clear, is now brown, murky and full of vegetation. It was found that the development company violated terms of the Clean Water Act at two developments in Bellingham and one in Uxbridge. The EPA cited the company for erosion control measures not put in place and fined them $48,000. In 2010 the same development company was fined $150,000 for violating federal permits at a dozen sites throughout Massachusetts.

There are many different agencies that may need to be contacted before a site is developed. Property owners need to understand the many complications that can arise if a developer does not follow the law. An attorney who specializes in land use can advise their client on what needs to be done before and during a property development. An attorney understands that each location has many different local, state and federal agencies that may have a say in the development depending on where the potential development is located. If these regulations are not followed, a developer can face fines and other problems.

Boston area developers need to understand that there are many different agencies that may need to be consulted before a property can be developed. There can be many different permits that are required and having an attorney who understands the many complications is critical for any development.


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