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Title Disputes

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Does your residential or commercial title dispute require the experienced assistance of a skilled Massachusetts real estate litigation lawyer?

Our reputation for results reflect the wealth of experience, proven skills and a record for thorough, efficient solutions to any problematic real estate legal matter, including title disputes.

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Potential Impact of a Title Dispute

Title disputes can affect not only a landowner’s use of his or her property, but also potentially impact a number of other scenarios, including:

  • Land conveyances, sales and related transactions
  • Lender financing and mortgages
  • Title insurance coverage
  • Probate and divorce matters
  • Land and site development
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Possible interference with established easement rights

In each of these scenarios, we understand that title disputes typically arise as a result of

  • Vague deed descriptions (including easements and boundary lines)
  • Missing interests within the chain of title
  • Unrecorded conveyances, mortgages, easements or other instruments
  • Improper or missing probate interests and/or conveyances
  • Adverse possession and prescriptive easement claims
  • Discrepancies within the chain of title
  • Restrictive covenants or other encumbrances that may limit how land can be used
  • Encumbrances that were previously overlooked
  • Liens recorded against the property (mortgages, mechanic’s liens, etc.)

Our lawyers have built a demonstrated track record for resolutions to boundary, easement and title disputes that includes due diligence into all of these factors that can potentially impact and impair your title to land.

Phillips & Angley — More Than 25 Years of Real Estate Legal Experience

When land is surveyed and developed over time, competing chains of title — creating a “cloud on title” — may arise. If there are competing chains of title to your property, we can help you defend your interests. We can file a quiet title action to have the court examine competing claims and order a final resolution clearing title. If a quiet title action has already been filed regarding real estate to which you have an interest, we can represent you in that action as well.

Property may also be encumbered by restrictive covenants that bar or limit how land can be used. If your property is subject to recorded covenants that limit use, our office can advise whether such limitations are lawful, or have expired with passage of time or can be released. We can bring suit to clear those restrictions of record or declare them unenforceable. If your land is benefited by a restriction, we can sue to enforce the restriction for your benefit.

If you have a title insurance policy, which should protect you from many kinds of title defects and claims to your land, we can review your policy and assist in arranging coverage. Under some title insurance policies, coverage includes a benefit that would pay for our legal representation.

We handle a wide variety of land and title disputes, including easement disputes, boundary disputes, adverse possession claims, actions to quiet title and actions regarding the enforceability of restrictive covenants.

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