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Residential & Commercial Subdivision

Eastern Massachusetts Land Development Attorneys

Individual landowners, businesses and real estate developers frequently find they would benefit economically by dividing their property into multiple parcels. Indeed, residential and commercial subdivisions are often the best way to maximize development potential for certain parcels of land.

The Massachusetts Subdivision Control Act, and local zoning and planning board rules and regulations restrict and control the subdivision of land, and require approval from a local planning board before development can take place.

Thorough, Efficient Solutions for Your Residential or Commercial Subdivision

The attorneys at Phillips & Angley use their decades of experience and real estate legal skills to:

  • Advise you regarding your proposed subdivision
  • Confirm that your project complies with all applicable zoning laws and subdivision rules and regulations
  • Identify potential pitfalls in your project prior to filing the subdivision plans
  • Assist you in presenting your subdivision plan to the planning board
  • Work collaboratively with your engineers and land surveyors throughout the process
  • Represent you if your application for a subdivision has been denied
  • Represent you when a local landowner or another member of the community appeals the board’s decision to approve your subdivision

Our law offices provide aggressive representation for landowners and developers whose petitions for a subdivision have been denied by a planning board, and in those cases when approved subdivisions have been challenged by other parties.

Subdivision Appeals

In any subdivision appeal, we will thoroughly research the legal, factual and evidentiary issues in your case. We prepare a detailed analysis and develop a strategy for success at trial. We examine the basis for your right to subdivide. We carefully review your subdivision plan and the planning board’s decision to demonstrate why the allowance was properly granted. We work with civil engineers, hydrologists, traffic engineers and a wide variety of other experts to craft a strong legal defense for your subdivision.

At the same time, our lawyers act as swiftly and cost-efficiently as necessary to protect your project and minimize unnecessary expense and delay.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in real estate litigation, including subdivision control cases. He has extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts Subdivision Control Act and the application of local planning board subdivision rules and regulations in communities throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

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We have focused our primary practice on real estate, land use and zoning litigation for many years. We understand the nuances of state and local subdivision control law, and have a track record of success in subdivision litigation. For dedicated service in defense of your subdivision approval or for assistance in challenging a planning board’s denial of your subdivision plan, contact us online or call 866-675-2109 to schedule an initial consultation. Remote consultation options are available.