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Land Use Litigation: Boundary Disputes

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A boundary dispute can create uncertainty in your title, call into question the location of structures on your property, and confuse responsibility for maintenance and legal liability for injuries that occur on the land.

If you are seeking a thorough, efficient solution to a boundary dispute, the skilled Massachusetts property dispute lawyers who always acts in your best interests can be found at Phillips & Angley, located in Boston.

A Reputation for Obtaining Positive Results

Phillips & Angley has built a reputation for results in representing homeowners and commercial landowners whose property rights are threatened by disputes with adjacent property owners over boundary lines. A lot line or boundary dispute may arise because a neighbor is clearing your land or removing trees, a building or fence is encroaching onto your property or a new structure is obstructing your view. Not uncommonly, these boundary disputes result from:

  • An unclear boundary description in one or more deeds
  • An unclear easement description in a deed or other instrument
  • Rights acquired by adverse possession
  • Rights established by prescriptive use

To establish or confirm your property rights, we will often obtain a land survey and/or undertake due diligence title research so that we can review the facts, identify potential issues of law and fight to protect your interests in your land.

Our land use litigation practice also protects clients’ interests in matters related to easements, prescriptive easements and quiet title actions.

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