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Tips for getting the best price when selling a home in Boston


Discover the easy things you can do to sell your home for the highest price possible. See how simple steps can increase offers.

Regardless of the market conditions, when homeowners put their house up for sale, they have a common goal of getting the highest selling price possible. There are many tactics real estate agents use to sell a house. They have the experience and training to put into making sure the house is presented in the best light to encourage high offer prices. However, the homeowner is not left up to the mercy of the real estate agent. They can take control and help boost the selling price of their homes. Here are some top tips to help homeowners make sure they are getting the most money from buyers.

Prepare ahead of time

According to Reader’s Digest, preparing for the sale ahead of time is the best thing a homeowner can do. They should check the prices of other homes in their area that are similar to theirs. This can be a great starting point for pricing. In addition, any repairs should be made to fix major or cosmetic issues that could discourage buyers. Homeowners may also consider getting inspections. Presenting a buyer with a clean termite inspection, for example, can boost offers.

Another helpful tip is getting the outside prepped. Depending on the season, this might mean planting flowers, trimming bushes and cutting grass. It could also mean shoveling walkways and clearing the driveway.

Take control

Homeowners should also take control of advertising. Leaving it all up the real estate agent could cause them to miss out on potential buyers with deep pockets. For example, creating a video tour of the home can be a great sales tool because it adds personality and brings the home to life.

USA Today notes it is important to choose the real estate agent carefully. Homeowners should research an agent to ensure he or she has sold in the area and gotten great results in the past. Also, they should look over commissions and ensure they are not too high or suspiciously low.

Set the price right

Money Talks News advises setting the price carefully. It should never be set too high, which will turn away potential buyers and could leave the home out of valuable online searches. It also should not go so low that a homeowner would be left in a financial crunch. A good idea for setting a fair price is to get an appraisal.

If the house is not selling, a price drop may be needed. Homeowners may notice that other comparable houses are selling or at least getting a lot of showings while their home is sitting empty. This is a perfect indicator of a too high price.

Selling a home can be challenging. Homeowners should take a proactive role in the sale to ensure they get the best price possible and to manage the process. Anyone selling or thinking about selling a home may find it advantageous to contact Phillips & Angley for legal assistance throughout the process.