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Information about existing easements before purchasing property

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Easements |

Boston area property developers are familiar with the many nuance that come with purchasing and developing property in the area. Most properties require many permits, approvals, etc. One thing a buyer should be aware of is any existing easements that may affect a property.

A person who is interested in buying a property should always be aware of any existing easements that affect the property. Easements are common in the Boston area and allow a person to use another person’s land. An easement generally allows a person to use another person’s property to access their own property with a shared driveway, or to run utilities through or to drain into, among other situations. A person who is interested in purchasing a property should investigate whether there is an existing easement because an easement can affect how the purchaser would use or develop the property. For example, if the purchaser wants to construct a building on the property but there is an easement that runs through the area where the building is to be constructed then it wouldn’t be possible.

If a property doesn’t have access to a public road it is important to investigate whether there is an easement that allows access from a private road or if an easement will need to be obtained. A purchaser should also make sure the property has access to utilities. A legal professional who specializes in easements can help their client through the property buying process. An attorney understands that their client has business needs and can help by conducting a thorough investigation of the property and determine what easements are present and what easements may need to be sought out. Many times these easements can go back hundreds of years. They can make sure their client’s best interests are being protected in the purchase and that they will be able to use the property as they intend.

Property development in the Boston area often comes with obstacles. An easement can affect a purchaser’s intentions on the property, and it is important that these easements are investigated thoroughly before a property is purchased.


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