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East Boston property eyed by developers

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Land Use And Zoning |

Boston area property developers understand how important every square inch in land is in the Boston area. Property is scarce in the area, with demand for new building projects always high. Property developers and other groups are always looking for new projects for their development plans.

A long-overlooked mile of East Boston waterfront now is becoming a focal point among Boston developers. A one-mile stretch of old railroad right-of-way that is parallel to Route 1A along Chelsea Creek is being eyed by a company that wants to put an access road there for industrial properties that are located in the area. The developing company believes by building this access road it would keep trucks off Route 1A and help reduce traffic congestion. The MBTA and state Department of Transportation have put the nine acres along the creek, along with easement rights, out to bid. But, some believe that the state should spend more time assessing future land use needs, especially with the Suffolk Downs project that will soon be developed.

Property developers need to be constantly vigilant in order to stay ahead of future projects and the needs of the community. Many of these land use projects require the approval of many agencies, including the state, county and local boards. It is important to understand the intricacies involved in Boston property development and how to move the project forward, as well as how to work with local and state zoning officials and work through any disputes that can arise.

Property development in Boston often involves many groups of people and government agencies. Property developers need to carefully navigate through these interested parties in order to have their project approved.


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