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Information about existing easements before purchasing property

Boston area property developers are familiar with the many nuance that come with purchasing and developing property in the area. Most properties require many permits, approvals, etc. One thing a buyer should be aware of is any existing easements that may affect a property.

Prescriptive easements can come in many forms

Easements among Boston properties are relatively common. These easements are important for property owners and are also something that commercial property owners should be aware of. Prescriptive easements are one type of easements that commercial property owners may encounter.

Is an unrecorded easement still valid?

Many commercial property owners in Boston have had to create an easement for their property. There are many reasons why an easement may be necessary. An easement gives another person the right to use the land for a specific purpose. Sometimes, a person needs access to their property through another person's property, which may require an easement. Or, a building may be accidentally built on another person's property, which can result in an easement necessity.

Easements of necessity

What happens when a buyer purchases real estate that is landlocked? What if there is no way to get to the property without crossing land owned by another party? The answer is to ask for an easement. An easement is an agreement between two landowners that allows the one owner to cross the other's property for limited purposes.

Remedies for encroachment

Sometimes the border between two properties is hard to find. One landowner can accidentally trespass or even build something over the line, on land owned by a neighbor.

How do you terminate an easement?

An easement is a property right in which one party can use part of a piece of land legally possessed by another party. In a simple example, homeowner Abigail might allow next-door neighbor Zack to cross her property on a shared driveway so that Zack can get to his house. Another familiar example is a utility easement, in which a power company or other utility has a right to enter other people's property and perform various services on utility lines.

About express and implied easements

In a busy and crowded place like Boston, space is at a premium. It's places like this where express and implied easements are more common. This is because, with space at a in such high demand, there are more 'common' spaces. Implied and express easements are often in place in situations in which many people are seeking access to a place, and space is limited. So how do you know if the property is subject to an express or implied easement?

Family donates 60 wooded acres via easement

There can be many ways to honor your loved one after they pass away. Depending on the interests of the person and what was important to them, many like to donate to a certain cause. For one a Massachusetts family, a recent report noted that they agreed that nothing was more important to their passed loved one than a 60-acre parcel of wooded nature. In her honor, it's been donated by means of an easement.

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