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East Boston property eyed by developers

Boston area property developers understand how important every square inch in land is in the Boston area. Property is scarce in the area, with demand for new building projects always high. Property developers and other groups are always looking for new projects for their development plans.

Vineyard Wind project facing setbacks

Alternative energy sources have been a growing trend in Massachusetts and the U.S. With climate change upon us, many are searching for more energy sources in order to power our every day life and not pollute as much as older technologies. A planned wind farm off the coast of Martha's Vineyard is one such project.

Do you need an easement to access your land?

If you recently found what you believe to be the perfect piece of property for your business, you are probably excited to get the transaction completed and get your operations up and running. Then, when the title search and survey come back, you realize that you need an easement to access the land.

Nonconforming uses in land development

Boston area property developers are used to the many issues that can come up during their project. From variances to real estate permits to nonconforming structures, there is always something that needs to be figured out. Nonconforming uses is a common issue for many Boston area properties.

Would mixed-use zoning be right for your development?

If you are in the real estate development business, then you know that you need to keep track of what the people who will occupy your property want. In the past, municipalities had zones clearly defined as residential areas, industrial areas and business areas. In recent years, that has changed. More people want to live, work, shop and enjoy entertainment all within the same area. As such, mixed-use areas are more popular, which means that you may need to consider this zoning option for your development.

Suffolk Downs development set to be major project in East Boston

Real estate developers in the Boston area understand that complications can arise when obtaining the proper permits. A major real estate development project can involve many different agencies. These developments are important for the community and investors alike, and having these projects succeed is the goal for a healthy community.

How does the eminent domain process work?

You made a significant financial investment to own your Massachusetts property. Land and real estate is expensive, and you understand how important it is to protect your investment to the best of your ability. That is why it can be confusing to find out that the government wants to take a portion of your proper under the premise of eminent domain.

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