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Prescriptive easements can come in many forms

Easements among Boston properties are relatively common. These easements are important for property owners and are also something that commercial property owners should be aware of. Prescriptive easements are one type of easements that commercial property owners may encounter.

Problems with the title may complicate property purchase

If you are in the middle of purchasing property in Massachusetts, you may wonder why the process takes so long. It may seem like days or weeks go by with no progress, and when you contact your real estate agent, you may learn that they are still waiting for the title company to finish the title search for the property you want to buy.

Is an unrecorded easement still valid?

Many commercial property owners in Boston have had to create an easement for their property. There are many reasons why an easement may be necessary. An easement gives another person the right to use the land for a specific purpose. Sometimes, a person needs access to their property through another person's property, which may require an easement. Or, a building may be accidentally built on another person's property, which can result in an easement necessity.

Easements of necessity

What happens when a buyer purchases real estate that is landlocked? What if there is no way to get to the property without crossing land owned by another party? The answer is to ask for an easement. An easement is an agreement between two landowners that allows the one owner to cross the other's property for limited purposes.

A basic understanding of how zoning laws could impact you

When you buy a piece of property in Massachusetts, you do so with a specific purpose in mind. Perhaps you want to build a home for your family, or maybe you want to build a space for your business. It is possible that you want to develop the land or operate rental property. Whatever your plans may include, it is likely that zoning laws will impact them. 

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