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Does a real estate permit pertain to conducting your business?

Whether you are an established business looking to expand into new markets or into other facets of the business, or a new business looking to get off the ground, permits can affect your day-to-day operations. Every business in Massachusetts is different, and some will be subject to more regulations than others. What regulations a business must comply with depends on the industry and scope of business activities. Whether you are renting a space or breaking ground on a new facility, every business has its own needs in terms of real estate permits.

Don't navigate the process of real estate permits alone

Moving through the land development process requires tenacity, strategy, and many, many permits. Navigating this path of alone can bring up several types of legal troubles that can quickly derail the project if not handled correctly. That's why it's important to have experienced assistance on your side during a land development project.

Does your land access dispute have you at wits' end?

When you own a piece of property in Massachusetts, there is no better feeling than the freedom to do what you want with it. However, if you have been involved in a land access dispute, or some other issue in terms of what you or others are doing on your land, you may be frustrated with the situation. If you are looking to conduct business, but have been barred from doing so on the property you own due to land use and zoning laws, it may be time to petition the city or state.

What purpose does title insurance serve?

When you purchase a home here in Boston, you expect that you are the only person with rights to the land. After all, you are buying it, so why wouldn't you be the owner? You may recognize that certain easements exist on the property for things such as utilities, but other than that, you believe no one else has the right to the title of the land.

Zoning laws could limit marijuana distribution

With a marijuana industry booming across the country, many states and cities seem to be eager to get in on the action. Boston is no exception, but city councilors will have to decide how it will be impacted by land use and zoning laws. Nothing specific exists for marijuana sales yet, however, there are proponents who argue that there should be zoning regulations for where these marijuana shops can be set up and conduct business. If it's within a significant proximity to drug rehab or a treatment facility, the sale of marijuana could be banned.

Eminent domain and the property rights of Massachusetts residents

As a Massachusetts property owner, you may find it useful to consider the various factors that can impact how you use your land. It may come as a surprise to you to learn that there are circumstances in which the government can actually take your land. This is eminent domain, and it can be helpful to learn how you can shield your interests. 

Land use and zoning laws may throw a wrench in your project

To reside within a city requires that one abide by city ordinances and state law, among other regulations. You may have a commercial project planned for your business or as a collaboration between you and other parties. After much deliberation and thought, you've gotten a budget together, a proposed revenue plan and then come to find out that land use and zoning laws may stand in your way. If you own the land outright, it may be difficult to envision committing to the project in any other location.

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