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Big View Trail accessible for years to come through easement

Nature-lovers rejoice with one of Massachusetts latest reports of an easement deal that will allow a popular hiking trail to be open to the public for years to come. Easements come into play when private lands are put to public use. The benefit to the private land holders is financial compensation and the benefit is that the public has a preserved area to visit for years to come and enjoy. This easement is roughly 100 acres off Unquomonk Road in Williamsburg.

The process of seeking a variance

Zoning regulations can have a significant impact on the value of a property and the property owner's ability to use their property. One solution when zoning issues come up is to seek a variance which is why it is helpful for property owners to understand what the variance process entails.

What is a restrictive covenant and what does it mean for you?

As a Massachusetts property owner, there are certain things you need to know about your home. Zoning laws and other types of restrictions can affect how you use your property and your plans for future changes, and you would be wise to learn what they can mean for you. A restrictive covenant is an example of something that may affect what you are able to do with the property you own. 

Understanding zoning law basics

There are a variety of important things to know and understand about zoning laws, especially because of the significant impact they have on the property rights of landowners. Zoning laws can sometimes be technical and complex but that does not diminish the importance of understanding what they are.

What factors can affect how you use your property?

When you buy commercial property or residential property in Massachusetts, you probably already know what you want to do with it. Whether you want to build a house, open a business or develop the land for other uses, there are various factors that could affect whether or not you will be able to meet your goals. It is important for you to learn about everything that could affect your intended use of your property. 

What is an easement?

Easements are an important part of property law to understand. They can also sometimes be complex to understand which is why landowners should be familiar with how easements work and ensure they have all their questions about easements answered.

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