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The lawyers at Phillips & Angley, understand that private property disputes and questions about property ownership can be unsettling and confusing for landowners. With this in mind, we use sound legal analysis and due diligence to resolve these types of land use issues and protect our clients' property interests as quickly as possible.

Our firm protects your rights while efficiently and conclusively resolving property disputes caused by questions of ownership, clouds on title or objections over land use by third parties. Whether you are trying to establish your property interests prior to a land transaction or find yourself embroiled in a dispute with joint owners or neighbors about using a parcel of land, we provide knowledgeable and proactive counsel to protect your legal interests.

Our lawyers routinely handle land use litigation in the Land Court, Superior Court or the Massachusetts Appeals Court for matters involving:

  • Easement law — to define the scope and interpretation of public or private easements and rights of way, including litigation of terms and provisions of express written easements; establishing, defending or challenging easements implied by law; and prescriptive easement litigation to legally recognize and continue an unwritten but established use of adjoining property
  • Adverse possession — to establish, defend or dispute rights of ownership acquired by twenty years of exclusive, open, notorious, non-permissive use, including in rural, suburban and urban areas
  • Title disputes and discrepancies — to clarify and resolve complex title issues that can impair real estate transactions or development. Using due diligence, we initiate or defend quiet title and try title actions, filing suit to have the court definitively resolve title disputes in our client's favor and extinguish missing interests or other encumbrances.
  • Partition actions — handling actions to divide property or compel buyouts when joint owners cannot agree on how to use the property
  • Right-of-way disputes and boundary disputes — fighting for the interests of homeowners and other landowners in dispute with adjacent owners over boundaries and property use: lot line disputes, intruding fences, encroaching structures, setback encroachments and obstructed views
  • Nuisance and trespass litigation — helping landowners enjoy their property free from unlawful intrusion by others, including unwanted travel and passage over land, illegal removal of trees, vegetation and soil from property, and unlawful discharge of water or other substances onto land

Please click on Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements, Right-of-Way Disputes and Boundary Disputes for more information about these specific land use practice areas.

One of Our Principal Attorneys

Attorney Jeffrey T. Angley is a veteran in land use litigation with more than 25 years of experience. He has secured monetary damages, injunctions and summary judgments in a wide range of easement, boundary and title disputes for clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the South Shore.

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