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the attorneys at Phillips & Angley
Since 1974, the attorneys at Phillips & Angley have provided a full range of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Massachusetts. We are a firm of experienced trial and appellate attorneys who have the knowledge, experience and drive to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in their areas of practice, and we work collaboratively to take advantage of the firm’s collective resources and talents. Our primary practice areas include:

What Sets Us Apart

Because Phillips & Angley is a smaller Boston-based firm, our clients receive a high level of personal attention that is unmatched by larger firms. As trial attorneys, our philosophy is based upon a strong belief that our clients should be fully advised about every aspect of the case as it progresses. We engage our clients in strategic decision-making and ensure that their goals and objectives are being met throughout the process. For these reasons, our attorneys have a well-earned reputation for being accessible to clients at every stage.

We Are Negotiators, Litigators, Deal-Makers And Innovators

At Phillips & Angley, we are prepared to address the issues and contingencies that arise during our legal representation and recommend the course of action that is in our clients’ best interest. Our skilled and experienced trial attorneys use reasoned legal analysis and work diligently to solve our clients’ problems. Clients can expect that we will act swiftly, responsibly and professionally to protect their interests and vindicate their rights.

The attorneys at Phillips & Angley have a proven track record of being forceful and thorough negotiators, litigators with the drive and know-how to win, deal-makers ready to take the initiative, and innovators of unique solutions to both common and unusual problems. We will work closely with you to learn your specific requirements and goals, to understand the details of your personal or business situation, and to establish and maintain that bond of confidentiality and trust essential to an effective and long-lasting attorney-client relationship.

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